A dog for David

Help David get his service dog! :)

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Welcome! :)

____ My name is Cindi and I am a mom to an Autistic child named David who lands on the more
severe end of the spectrum. We are currently trying to raise money to help him pay for his
Autism service dog who will be able to help make his life a lot safer and relatively calmer.

____ In the process, I am also doing everything I can to raise better Autism Awareness and
education for everyone our mission gives me the chance to come in contact with. My prayer and
hope is that the more people know and understand, the more likely they will be to choose
the paths of compassion and acceptance.

____ Will you please join my son, David, and me on this mission? Your valuable support is greatly
appreciated. Thanks! :)

Song used with permission courtesy of Scott James.
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